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What's New in 1.7.0

Changes in Awesomium 1.7.0 (Core)

Major Core Changes

  • You can now handle SSL errors and display relevant UI to allow the user to ignore certain certificate errors. See WebViewListener::Dialog::OnShowCertificateErrorDialog.
  • You can now request SSL info for a certain web-page so that you can display relevant UI (for example, the green “lock” in Chrome for authenticated web-sites). See WebView::RequestPageInfo
  • Full page zoom has been added, see WebView::ZoomIn and WebView::SetZoom
  • You can now block certain page navigations (useful for custom blacklist/whitelist behavior). See ResourceInterceptor::OnFilterNavigation
  • You can now define properties on remote JSObjects asynchronously. This is useful for setting a large number of properties at once. See JSObject::SetPropertyAsync
  • You can now invoke methods on remote JSObjects asynchronously. See JSObject::InvokeAsync
  • You can now define a custom hostname for the remote Inspector to listen on (useful if you are behind a router). See WebConfig::remote_debugging_host

Major API Changes

The following methods were added:

  • WebView::RequestPageInfo
  • WebView::DidOverrideCertificateError
  • WebView::routing_id
  • WebView::ZoomIn, ZoomOut, SetZoom, ResetZoom
  • WebView::set_sync_message_timeout
  • WebConfig::remote_debugging_host
  • WebViewListener::Dialog::OnShowPageInfoDialog
  • WebViewListener::Dialog::OnShowCertificateErrorDialog
  • WebViewListener::View::OnAddConsoleMessage
  • ResourceInterceptor:;OnFilterNavigation
  • ResourceInterceptor::OnWillDownload
  • JSObject::SetPropertyAsync
  • JSObject::InvokeAsync


The following issues were resolved:

  • Issue with WebSession::AddDataSource not matching uppercase names
  • Issue with WebView::DidCancelDownload
  • Issue with custom method names not being enumerated within JSObject::GetMethodNames
  • Issue with crash upon certain download events.

See this announcement for more info about this release.