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What's New in 1.7.4

These notes are for the core C++ API, click here for the .NET notes.

Major Core Changes

  • Removed quota limit on local storage and session storage
  • Fixed issue with WebConfig::user_script on Mac OSX
  • Fixed issue with about:blank being added to history at beginning of WebView lifetime
  • Fixed issue with PDF files not being downloaded when Adobe Reader is installed
  • Fixed crash that occurs when JSObject::Invoke fails on executing a callback with invalid JavaScript
  • Fixed crash issue when JavaScript is disabled
  • Fixed crash issue with requestQuota
  • Fixed crash when users hit CTRL+LEFT at beginning of line

Major API Changes

  • Added WebConfig::asset_protocol
  • Added catch-all rule to WebSession::AddDataSource
  • Added host and request parameters to DataSource::OnRequest

.NET Changes