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What's New in 1.7.5

These notes are for the core C++ API, click here for the .NET notes.

Features / API Changes

  • Added ResourceRequest::set_ignore_data_source_handler
  • Added WebPreferences::max_http_cache_storage
  • Added WebPreferences::user_script
  • Added WebConfig::user_stylesheet
  • Made it so user_script and user_stylesheet values in WebConfig and WebPreferences are concatenated
  • Added WebViewListener::Process::OnLaunch
  • Made DataSource::SendResponse buffer param const


  • Fixed crash on Windows XP when using Facebook Connect (and other sites with similar certificate signing modes)
  • Fixed crash on Linux when rendering unstyled checkboxes, buttons, and progress bars. Note: to actually display unstyled checkboxes, radio buttons, or progress bars, users will need to declare global CSS so that these widgets are painted by WebKit instead.
  • Fixed crash that occurs if user unfocuses a textbox during an IME composition
  • Fixed crash with very large strings of user_script

.NET Changes