Getting Started

General Use




Distributing Awesomium With Your Application

What files should I include with my application?

You should always include the following files from the SDK in your app’s working directory:

  • awesomium.dll
  • awesomium_process.exe
  • avcodec-53.dll
  • avformat-53.dll
  • avutil-51.dll
  • icudt.dll
  • libEGL.dll
  • libGLESv2.dll

The following files are optional:

  • inspector.pak (Only needed if you enable the remote inspector)
  • awesomium_pak_utility.exe (Utility for creating PAK files to use with DataPakSource)
  • awesomium_symbols.pdb (Debug Symbols for awesomium.dll)
  • awesomium_process.pdb (Debug Symbols for awesomium_process.exe)

What about Flash?

If you need to use Flash in your application, you should bundle the Flash installer (the NPAPI build, usually for Firefox) with your application.