Getting Started

General Use




Reduce the size of the library

You can reduce the size of the Awesomium libraries by using UPX to compress the individual DLLs of the Awesomium SDK.

  1. Download the latest version of UPX for your platform, here:
  2. Copy the upx executable to the build/bin folder of the SDK.
  3. Open a Console/Terminal window and navigate to the build/bin folder of the SDK.
  4. Execute the following commands:
upx --best --lzma awesomium.dll
upx --best --lzma icudt.dll

You can now delete the copy of the upx executable from the build/bin folder of the SDK.


  • It is not necessary to reduce the size of any other libraries of the Awesomium SDK, since they are of relatively small size.
  • Do not apply this technique to the managed assemblies or the Awesomium libraries accompanying Awesomium.NET; a packed version of Awesomium.NET will be available with the final release of version 1.7.