Getting Started

General Use




Setting Up on Linux

These notes are for developing a C++ application. If you are a developing a .NET/C# application please see our .NET Wiki instead.


Before we begin, you’ll need the following:

  • The Awesomium SDK (download it here)
  • Ubuntu Linux

Install the SDK

  1. After downloading the SDK, extract it to a folder in your home directory.
  2. Open the Terminal.
  3. Change directories to the SDK files you just extracted.
  4. Run sudo make all to install the library to your machine.

Run the Samples

You should now be able to run the samples. Change directories to the ./bin folder and run some samples:

The Hello World example loads up Google and renders it to a JPG on disk:


The WebFlow sample depends on SDL 1.2 and OpenGL, demonstrates a simple 3D browser:


Using Awesomium

To use most of the Awesomium API in your C++ code, just include the following:

#include <Awesomium/WebCore.h>

To link against Awesomium 1.7.4 in your applications, just add “-lawesomium-1-7”

g++ main.cpp -lawesomium-1-7